Matt Miller

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I’m a researcher and developer living in Brooklyn, NY. I’m into: libraries and archives, linked data, networks, art history and digital humanities, among other interests. Check out my projects below, email me or find me on twitter: @thisismmiller.

Information Science

Support site for my History of Art thesis, organizing performance data into co-performance relationships. As well as a LOD experiment.

ASIS&T 2012 Demo Paper

Looks at employing multimedia elements in a network visualization to increase engagement.

Website: Abstract
JCDL '12 Poster

Comparison of three digital library interfaces.

Website: ACM (2012)

Visual Making of America.

A Continuing set of experiments exploring alternative ways to interact with a digitized corpus.

Omeka Zoom Plugin (2011)

A zoom plugin for the Omeka web publishing platform. Good for large photographs and documents.

Website: More Info
Download from Github
Embedded Meta Data (2011)

Project to use use Adobe XMP to embeded a Dublin Core record in images. Created a online tool and Omeka plugin to utilize embedded data.

Presented at Dublin Core DCMI 2011 poster session
Published in DC-2011 Proceedings
Practicum (2011)

Geolocation & Digital Archives. Looking at using geolocation to improve involvement with digital archives.

Website: Practicum Site
Hunting Library Omeka Digital Archive (2011)

Digital archive project. Developed Omeka zoom plugin. Pratt SILS class project with: Brian Soldo, Robyn Hjermstad & Jenny Mathias.


Art & Design

History of Art Master's Thesis (2013)

Title: A Network in Flux, Identifying Central Artists of the 1960s Fluxus Movement.

Comming Soon... Abstract, CC BY-SA PDF and network graphs.

Aoristic Design (2010-)

Apparel print company established 2010 exploring the repetition of history, culture and art.

Website: etsy store
BestCopy Possible Tumblr (2011-)

Where I put the small visual things I make.


Web Development

OSU VRL (2009-10)

Worked on developing new visual resource system at Ohio State Univeristy

About:: Write up of features.
Website: (2011)

Created website for Columbus based photographer Michelle Maguire.

Website: (2011)

Created website for Aoristic Design.